Increase your awareness and productivity with a simple practice

We took the best practices of managing notes and collecting memories and created this service. Logtime is an advanced online diary that helps you to keep a record of events, tasks, ideas in a more structured and fluid way

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We can improve only the things that we aware of

If you count money — you optimize a budget.

If you count calories — you improve your body.

If you track your actions — you control your life

Spare a few minutes
a day to analyze the things that
happened to you today to improve:


This simple exercise can significantly improve your memory. When we actively try to remember something, the parts of the brain that are responsible for its work are activated and trained. An excellent memory is a strong competitive advantage in school, career and a business


The secret is not only in the amount of the actions made but in the accuracy of it. Someone works 4 hours a day and builds large companies, and someone 10 hours and is at the same level of the results


People use applications for planning the future: the calendar, project and task managers, but forget about the more important practice such as analyzing the past. Comprehension of the things that happened is one of the strongest keys to awareness. It helps to take a sober look at your life and make better decisions


The retrospective is a simple practice helping you to reach your goals faster

What did you do for your goal the day before yesterday? What about the last week? We often do not understand where how fast we are going. Record daily events regularly to better understand priorities and focus on the essentials

You can specify the achievement criteria of the goal and the deadline. You’ll see a progress bar that clearly shows your current results. This allows you to get involved in the process of achieving the goal with gamification

Notes and tasks

The service will help you to use this framework correctly. It will visualize and structure data (by categories, by tags, with photos and checklists)

It will suggest questions to answer to yourself, also send you useful content, and remind you to use your online diary to keep going towards your goals

The calendar view allows you to visually perceive your time. For your convenience use our telegram bot where you can add notes and tasks and receive useful content








How to write a diary easily and to set goals properly to achieve them?

What many outstanding people advise to do to be productive and achieve the desired

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